Try Something New: Aerial Yoga

THE GOODS:  Do yoga poses while suspended in mid-air!

Coyote.Vampire. Gargoyle. Do these sound like yoga poses to you?  If you’re practicing aerial yoga you’ll soon become familiar with these unusual postures.  I recently took an Aerial Yoga class at my favorite studio, Guru’s Gate in Manhattan Beach.

The studio was setup with Antigravity silk hammocks made expressly for aerial yoga and other “suspended” sports.  They are rigged from the ceiling, and they stretch out but are extremely strong.


The studio, setup with the hammocks ready for yogis


Close-up of the hammock

Lolita Wang, the owner of Gurus Gate, is certified in Aerial Yoga instruction, and she leads this class.


I am a huge fan of yoga, & I practice 2-3 times per week. Aerial yoga was unlike anything I’ve ever tried. In some cases you were getting into traditional-feeling postures, but at the same time being suspended by the silken hammock – using gravity to get deep into the hips for example during an unusual modification on Pigeon. It was actually very comforting and relaxing. In particular the stretch I like the most was at the very end called Vampire.  You end up face-down with the hammock suspending you from your shoulders and the front of your legs. It was a good stretch and a cool way to surrender to the feeling of being suspended in mid-air while getting a nice heart-opener.

The savasana is very calming and comforting too. You literally wrap yourself in the hammock while you’re laying on your back and then the instructor asked us if anybody wanted to be swung, of course I waved my hand as we lay there she came by and pushed us so we were swinging one by one. Swinging there for minutes on end was amazing feeling.

Right before the final savasana, Lolita encouraged us to retry anything that we felt like we wanted to return to, so we got to play a little bit with the poses we had just learned. It’s really fun to surrender yourself to the hammock and just let yourself hang upside down!

pose1 pose2

Lolita is running the Aerial Yoga class at Gurus Gate again this coming weekend, on Sunday 6/14 at 3:30pm, so make sure you reserve your spot!  It’s $30 for non-members and $15 for members to try this class.

Gurus Gate Yoga
815 Manhattan Avenue
Manhattan Beach, California 90266
(310) 376-0107

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