Movie Screening: “The Godfather” at the Los Angeles Theatre

THE GOODS:  Special screening hosted by in a majestic old Los Angeles theater made for a fun Saturday night!

On Saturday, April 25, we got ourselves spiffed up and went to the lush and ornate Los Angeles Theatre in downtown LA.  The occasion?  None other than Connie and Carlo’s wedding… OK, actually a screening of “The Godfather” staged by the Cinespia folks.

20150425_191550 is known for its summertime rite of passage, the Hollywood Forever Cemetery movie screenings.  They have recently branched out into screenings through the rest of the year, with classic films screened in beautiful restored movie houses around town.

The Los Angeles Theatre is a true old-school movie house/event hall, with 2000 seats and 3 levels you can explore before you even enter the theatre itself – including a ballroom dance floor on the basement level!


Upon entry, we found ourselves in a huge gold-trimmed foyer with high ceilings and glittering chandeliers.  At the top of the first flight of stairs, we found the DJ booth and looked back the other direction to the crowd coming in.


Downstairs in the ballroom there was a live band entertaining the crowd with standards, and we watched the “newlyweds” enjoy “their first dance.”

The organizers had encouraged attendees to dress ’40s style or eveningwear, (“it IS a wedding after all!”) and the crowd did not disappoint. Half the fun of the event was seeing everyone dressed to the 9’s in this gorgeous theater.



Even we got into the act, dressing up more than our usual Saturday night wardrobe, but it was hard not to feel inadequate with the rest of the glamorous crowd!  (and next to this amazing waterfall-chandelier!)


We were having so much fun when we finally went in to sit down, it was hard to believe the movie itself is almost 3 hours long… it went by like nothing, and was so fun to watch with a crowd that was clearly into the event (Not to mention they were serving Manhattans at the 5 bars scattered throughout the theatre).  Great film, great people-watching, and overall a great night. Bravo Cinespia! I’m keeping my eyes out for the next classic film. Calendar
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