Food Festival: Bacon & Barrels San Diego

THE GOODS: If 4 hours of all-you-can-eat Bacon and various beverages created with the help of Barrels sounds like your idea of heaven, then this is the food fest for you!

Last weekend we rolled down to San Diego to partake, for the second time, in the Bacon & Barrels festival.  Started in Los Olivos, CA a few years ago, this festival is a celebration of foods containing various types of bacon/pork, accompanied with drinks traditionally prepared in barrels, e.g. wine, whiskey, and beer.   My friend Shaun-Mathieu, of Euphoric Feng Shui, turned us on to the fest last summer in Los Olivos, and we had so much fun we decided to visit the more “local” version in SD this year!


We bought our tickets online in advance, luckily, as they were sold out by the day of the festival! The location was great – right alongside the San Diego Bay at Embarcadero Park alongside the Convention Center.  We couldn’t have asked for a more glorious San Diego day – sunny and breezy with a few puffy clouds dotting the sky.

The vibe at this festival is so CHILL – at many other food fest’s I’ve been to, there are lines for minutes and a lot of impatient people.  Sometimes food runs out!  (I’m talking to you, LA Weekly Essentials Festival.)  Not here (at least not until much later in the day.)  Granted, there were some lines, but they moved fast.  It felt like just the right amount of people and early on we were able to get enough food to feel pretty full.


I enjoyed the variety of foods – standouts were the banh mi sandwich (with bacon pate’!) and the red velvet battered pork belly with a sweet glaze.  There was a great many alcohol stands, all from the southern California area. We sampled whiskey & bitters from Santa Barbara, beer (so much beer) from North County San Diego, mead from Oceanside, and wine from Los Olivos and beyond.  The best out of this bunch was the Manhattan garnished with bacon and a blueberry.

Friends enjoying the Deep Eddy vodka sampling…

Banh mi sandwich with Bacon Pate


Manattan garnished with bacon and a blueberry

Deep-fried Red Velvet Pork Belly w/ Maple Glaze


And before we even got in the festival they bacon’ed us up. Bravo!

The live bands were also really fun… in particular “90s With Attitude” who played a bunch of 90s cover songs.

All in all, I can’t wait to go to Bacon & Barrels in Los Olivos this July!


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